15 Kid-Friendly Pool Design Ideas With Artificial Turf in Knoxville, TN

15 Fun Pool Design Ideas for Kids Using Artificial Turf-knoxville

Knoxville, Tennessee, a city known for its vibrant community and active lifestyle, is home to many residents who seek the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and safety when it comes to landscaping their yards. 

If you’re one of these homeowners and have a pool in your home that’s largely enjoyed by your kids, you should consider incorporating artificial turf in Knoxville, TN into the setup.

Pool Safety Benefits of Artificial Grass for Children

An optimum pool area for kids must couple the element of fun with safety features. Artificial turf can play a significant role in raising the safety index around pool areas. Take a look:

1. Slip-Resistant Surface

With artificial grass, pool surfaces become more safe and accessible. Eliminating the risk of slippage that’s common with tiled or concrete surfaces, the textured synthetic blades provide grip underfoot. 

Picture your kids running in excitement around the pool during a hot Knoxville day – with artificial turf, that joy doesn’t come with the risk of slipping in puddles and injuring themselves.

2. Soft and Cushioned

Artificial grass provides a soft landing to any accidental tumbles, reducing the chance of painful injuries. 

Many artificial turf suppliers offer additional padding. which can be installed beneath the grass to create an even more forgiving surface. It’s like equipping your pool with its own safety mat in vibrant green. A dive or a slide won’t hurt any little daring divers in your Knoxville home.

3. Non-Abrasive Texture

While concrete or decked poolside might cause scrapes if children happen to fall, that’s not the case with artificial grass. 

The non-abrasive nature of the material ensures that even high-octane games and poolside frolics don’t lead to skin scrapes. This means your children in Knoxville can indulge in their play without the dread of rubbing themselves raw on the ground.

Got questions about the turf? Check out the answers to frequently asked questions about it in this guide.

15 Fun Pool Design Ideas for Kids Using Artificial Turf

Artificial turf in Knoxville, TN isn’t just for flat, monotonous appearances; it’s ideal for a myriad of playful options. Here are exciting poolside design ideas that marry safety, creativity, and artificial turf:

1. Splash Pad with Artificial Grass Border

Set up a colorful, summer-themed splash pad, complete with water sprayers and sprinklers. The fun quotient multiplies with the surrounding lush, soft artificial grass, providing safe comfort and fewer worries about grass stains or mud. Knoxville kids can enjoy this mini waterpark, and then run around the grassy edge without slipping or getting mud splatters.

2. Poolside Putting Green

Install a mini putting green made from artificial turf near your pool. Not only does it enhance the aesthetics of your pool area, but it also offers an opportunity for your children to develop their golfing skills. This Knoxville poolside attraction doubles up as a playground, bringing the joyous golf club experience right into your backyard.

3. Poolside Soccer Field

Bring the world’s favorite sport to your backyard by marking a mini soccer field next to your pool, using artificial grass. The turf’s natural bounce is ideal for the sport, and the lush green around your pool mimics a miniature stadium. What’s more, the players can just jump into the pool for an instant cool-down after a vigorous match.

4. Artificial Grass Lounge Area

Create a poolside lounge area with artificial grass, inviting outdoor bean bags, hammocks, or a low picnic table. Perfect for when your kids want to lounge around after a swim, play board games, or enjoy an alfresco meal, all on a soft grassy surface that mimics the nearby Ijams Nature Center.

5. Poolside Hopscotch

Bring a classic outdoor game poolside by painting a hopscotch layout on the artificial grass. It’s safer when kids jump around on this soft surface, and the painted layout doesn’t fade or get muddled, providing a lasting game board.

6. In-Built Trampoline

Consider embedding a trampoline into the artificial grass near the pool. The result? Your kids can enjoy the bouncy fun safely leveled with the ground. while the soft artificial turf guarantees that any off-trampoline landings are painless. This installation complements Knoxville’s lively vibe, championing fun-filled physical activities.

7. Mini Maze

With artificial turf walls, construct a mini maze by your pool. This will not only keep the children engaged but also add a unique design element to your backyard. The kids can enjoy a friendly maze competition before hitting the pool to cool off, merging exploration with refreshment.

8. Padded Play Equipment

Install swings, slides, climb-sies, and other play equipment on the artificial grass near the pool. The structure could resemble one of Knoxville’s community parks with guaranteed fun and less risk of injuries courtesy of artificial grass’s cushioned surface.

9. Twister Mat

Turn artificial grass into a permanent twister game by using eco-friendly paint. Here, your pool’s grassy border transforms into a colorful, exciting game, always ready for a round of twisting fun. The soft, cushiony grass ensures fewer bruises, even during the most competitive matches.

10. Picnic Area

Consider sectioning off a part of your pool area for a charming picnic spot. Artificial turf in Knoxville, TN offers a clean, soft base while a pergola overhead shields the afternoon Knoxville sun, providing the kids a breather from their aquatic adventures. Add a few outdoor cushions and a picnic basket, and you’re all set for a delightful afternoon by the pool.

11. Sensory Sandbox

A small sensory sandbox filled with smooth pebbles or sand and edged with a soft cushion of artificial grass can be a great touch. The different textures provide an engaging sensory experience for kids. Plus, you don’t have to worry about mud or weed in this sandbox thanks to the synthetic turf.

12. Artificial Grass Mounds

Consider creating grassy mounds of different heights around the pool area using artificial turf. These can serve as fun obstacles for a game of tag, provide a unique seating area, or even act as diving spots for the pool. The mounds, apart from adding to the safety factor, can ramp up the fun quotient significantly for your young ones in Knoxville.

13. Garden Chess or Checkers

Create an enlarged chess or checkers board by using alternating colors of artificial turf tiles. Obtain oversized chess or checkers pieces, and voila! You have transformed your pool area into a grand gaming arena where your kids can exercise their minds before splashing into the pool.

14. Storytelling Spot

Set up a quaint storytelling spot or a reading nook using natural elements like stones and wooden benches, and of course, a comforting layer of artificial grass. Imagine being read a pool-side story in this magical, green haven – sounds like a Knoxville child’s dream, doesn’t it?

15. Outdoor Theater

A mini outdoor theater with artificial grass flooring can be a fantastic addition to your pool area. Set up a projector and a screen, throw in some outdoor cushions and blankets over the grass, and enjoy a movie under the stars. It’s an ideal setup for kids to dry off post-swim while winding down with a favorite film.

Turn Your Poolside Area Into a Haven for Kids

Looking to revamp your pool area with these interesting design ideas? Contact us at Knoxville Artificial Grass for high-quality synthetic turf products and services. No idea is too imaginative for us – after all, smiles on our children’s faces are the best rewards. Fill out our contact form or call us at 865-269-9368 for a free consultation!