Can Artificial Turf for Dogs in Knoxville, TN Keep Ticks and Fleas Out of Yards?

How Does Artificial Grass Keep Ticks and Fleas Out of Yards

You love your dogs, so it’s no wonder you hate ticks and fleas. These pests are hard to spot and they can latch on to your dogs when they play outside. A tick or flea infestation can warrant a trip to the vet, depending on how bad it gets. One of the best ways to protect your dogs from these parasites is by installing artificial turf for dogs in Knoxville, TN in your yard.

How Does Artificial Grass Keep Ticks and Fleas Out of Yards?

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass doesn’t attract ticks or fleas. This is because it has a smooth surface that is difficult for them to move across. Real grass blades have uneven surfaces that these parasites use as footholds.

Ticks and fleas also prefer warm and moist conditions. Artificial grass stays cool even in warm weather, though. It also dries quickly and doesn’t form puddles. So it’s not a good place for them to live or breed in large numbers.

Moreover, artificial grass installations also don’t provide shelter for fleas and ticks. After all, synthetic turf doesn’t grow like natural grass. That means these parasites would struggle to reach the height they need to latch onto passing animals.

Common Tick and Flea Hiding Spots in Yards

Installing synthetic turf in your yard helps keep ticks and fleas from turning the place into their breeding grounds. But if you want to take extra measures to deter them, make sure you lay down artificial turf for dogs in Knoxville, TN in the areas below. These are the places that ticks and fleas love in yards.

Around Trees

Ticks and fleas love hanging around trees. They climb up the branches and use the height to find and pounce on their victims. If your yard has a lot of trees, consider installing synthetic grass around them so ticks don’t have anywhere to climb or hide.

Under Bushes

These parasites also like to hide under bushes. Bushes that are near tall grass or other tall plants that provide shade and shelter during the day. They’re prime spots for waiting for animals to feed on. You can discourage these parasites from settling in your bushes by surrounding them with short fake grass.

Leaf Piles

Ticks and fleas love leaf piles because they provide a great place to hide out during the day. The best way to keep them away from these areas is by clearing them out immediately. You can install artificial grass in Knoxville, TN in areas where leaves usually fall to make it easier to clean them up.

Food and Water Stations

Your dogs will likely spend a lot of time snacking or drinking while they’re having fun in your yard. That means ticks and fleas will lurk in your outdoor food and water stations often. Consider installing artificial grass in these pet areas to deter these pests.

Protect Your Dogs From Ticks and Fleas With Artificial Turf Installation in Knoxville

We hope this article has given you some insight into how synthetic turf can protect your dogs from ticks and fleas. And if you’re raring to cover your yard with synthetic grass, we’re here to help.

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