Dos and Don’ts of Caring for Your Artificial Putting Green Installation in Knoxville, TN

Artificial Grass Installation for putting green

An artificial putting green installation in Knoxville, TN is the perfect way to practice your short game. It doesn’t need watering, weeding, mowing, fertilizing, or any other upkeep that’s essential to natural grass.But don’t think that means it’s maintenance-free.

With proper upkeep, an artificial putting green can last up to 10 years or more. But if you want yours to last just as long, you must follow various dos and don’ts when taking care of it.

DO: Remove Yard Debris

Remove anything that is not supposed to be there, such as fallen branches, leaves, and other debris.You can sweep them into a pile with a plastic broom. Then, gather it up in a plastic bag or with a dustpan.

DON’T: Let the Trash Sit on the Turf for Long

Leaves and other organic yard debris can start to decompose. That can attract pests and even help germs and bacteria spread.So make a habit of clearing debris from your synthetic putting green regularly.

DO: Rinse the Artificial Grass Often

Rinse the artificial putting green with a garden hose. This will wash off any dirt or lingering bad odors and dislodge the small debris that built up over time.A top-notch synthetic putting green installation in Knoxville, TN has great drainage, so you won’t see any puddles afterward.

DON’T: Use High Hose Pressure

Extremely high water pressures won’t damage the synthetic turf, but they can change the distribution of infill under the putting green.The pressure can make the turf surface uneven, which will make it hard to ensure consistent shots. So test different pressures on a corner of the artificial putting green and figure out the best one.

DO: Brush the Turf Regularly

Foot traffic, ball roll friction, and swing impact can flatten synthetic grass for golf over time. This can put a damper on short games because the ball will not travel as far or as fast on matted turf.But you can help keep it upright by brushing it up with a broom.

DON’T: Use a Metal Brush to Fluff up the Grass

The bristles or teeth of a metal brush can damage the turf. They can punch holes into the material or even tear off artificial grass blades.So you’re better off using a broom or a plastic brush. You can even use the same broom you use to sweep debris off your artificial turf in Knoxville, TN.

DO: Clean Up Spills Immediately

If you’re enjoying a glass of wine or any other beverage while putting and you accidentally spill it, clean it up immediately.Dab the spill with tissue or a clean cloth and rinse away any residue. The spill won’t damage the turf in any way, but it will attract ants, bugs, and other pests to your green.

DON’T: Be Afraid to Use Cleaning Solutions

Artificial grass is not alive, so it won’t drown or die if you wash and scrub it. You can use household products like liquid soap and bleach or look for turf-specific solutions at the hardware store.You can wash your artificial putting green as often as you want.

Get an Artificial Turf Installation in Knoxville That Lasts

At Knoxville Artificial Grass, we have everything you need to make your putting greens look and play like a real golf course.

We have premium artificial grass for golf that’s easy to maintain. We can also help you design and set up your putting green with our installation and landscaping solutions.

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