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Dogs love to run and play outside, but they have a talent for getting into trouble.

Artificial Turf for Dogs in Knoxville TN: Enjoy a Low-Maintenance, Pet-Friendly Yard


Love your dog but hate the muddy paw prints they leave all over your home? Have a lawn that's patchy, full of bald spots or just never seems to grow right? Hate how stinky your yard gets after your dog does their business?

We get it - we've been there, too! That's why we're so happy to be able to offer our customers a solution that will make their lives (and yards) so much better: artificial turf for dogs in Knoxville, TN!

Why Dogs Love Artificial Grass

First things first: do dogs like artificial grass? We're glad to report that, according to the countless pet owners we've served, the answer is a resounding yes! In fact, most customers tell us that their dogs seem to enjoy the feel and smell of our artificial grass more than they do real grass!

There are several reasons for this:


It's Soft and Lush Like Real Grass

Unlike other types of synthetic grass, our artificial turf for dogs in Knoxville, TN is designed to feel just like the real thing! This means that your pup can enjoy all the same activities they love - like playing fetch, chasing squirrels and taking a nap in the sun - without the surface feeling strange or uncomfortable for them.

Tough & Durable Against Dogs

Most normal dog behaviors are incredibly destructive to a natural lawn. We're talking about things like digging, chewing, and of course, using the bathroom.

Our artificial grass in Knoxville TN is extremely resistant to pet-related damage. This means you never have to worry about coming home to holes in your yard, or brown patches where your dog has been using the bathroom.

What's more, our turf is also UV resistant, so it won't fade or become patchy over time from exposure to the sun.

Eliminates Bad Smells

Dog urine doesn't just kill the grass. It also leaves behind a nasty smell that can linger for days or even weeks. This is especially true in hot weather when the ammonia in dog urine gets even more concentrated. Making the problem worse is the fact that soil is incredibly absorbent and also contains bacteria that can amplify smells.

In contrast, pet urine drains straight through our synthetic turf for dogs. This means that the smells never have a chance to build up or become concentrated, so your yard always smells fresh and clean no matter how many dogs use it!

Safer and Healthier for Dogs

Artificial turf for pets also eliminates the need for harsh chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals can be extremely harmful if your dog ingests them, and they can also cause skin irritation.

What's more, our turf is lead and heavy metal-free, so you never have to worry about your dog being exposed to these dangerous toxins.

Our artificial grass is also pest-free, hypoallergenic and more shock-absorbent than concrete, making it a much safer surface for your dog to play on.

No More Muddy Paws!

While most dogs love the feeling of mud between their toes, it's not so great for your home. Muddy paw prints tracking through the house are not only unsightly, but they can also be difficult (and sometimes impossible) to clean.

With artificial turf for dogs, you never have to worry about this problem again! No matter how much your dog runs and plays, they'll never track mud or dirt into the house.

A Lawn You Can Be Proud Of

We know that having a beautiful yard is important to you. That's why we only use artificial turf products that look and feel just like real grass! Whether you have a small yard or a large one, we can create a custom turf installation that will have your neighbors asking for your landscaper's information.

Say Hello to a Lawn You & Your Dog Will Love!

We're ready to help you create the perfect space for your pet and family! To learn more about our artificial turf for dogs in Knoxville, TN or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today!


What is Artificial Grass in Knoxville?

Think of a lush and green backyard – except our synthetic version will never wilt or die, lasts for years and is virtually indestructible by even the most hyperactive dogs. It’s also safer for your pet and requires very little maintenance on your part.


Great for Knoxville Dogs of All Breeds, Ages and Sizes

Whether you have a massive Great Dane, a tiny Chihuahua or anywhere in between, our synthetic grass is ideal for all breeds and sizes of dogs.


Don’t hesitate to contact us at Knoxville Artificial Grass Pros to find out more. Our team can walk you through your artificial turf options, as well as the processes we employ in installing them. We might even be able to offer some creative ideas, if you ever need them.

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